Civil Rights Library Launch

Public History Students, Fall 2013, with artifacts borrowed from the Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center, ACCORD, and St. Augustine Historical Society.


 PRK11113This sign is from the former Kelly’s Colored Tourist Home at 83 Bridge Street where it is believed Martin Luther King, Jr. slept when he visited St. Augustine. (Courtesy of the Excelsior Museum and 40th ACCORD, Inc.)



Among St. Augustine’s protestors was Katherine “Kat” Twine who’s “Freedom Hat” became an icon of local activism. She is said to have kept a bag packed by the door—including the hat—in preparation for her many arrests. Katherine (nee Jenkins) attended Excelsior High School and lived in Lincolnville with her husband, Henry, for whom she made this plate. (Katherine Twine’s “Freedom Hat” courtesy of the Excelsior Museum, courtesy of 40th ACCORD, Inc.)


Here, visitors engage with the objects on display while writing their own memories of the civil rights movement in the notebook on top of the exhibit case.


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