Bridging the Gap at the Government House

by Courtney Olson

IMG_1224At Flagler, my studies have been heavily focused on taking history and turning it into something interesting and accessible for others through my own creative musings. During this Summer, I have had the unique opportunity to do just that. I am an intern with Matt Armstrong at the Government House in the Historic District. The archives that we work with consist of various forms of the documentation of St. Augustine history. Our main focus thus far has been to study the period of the reconstruction of the downtown area, where the streetscape was transformed to match that of the colonial era in Saint Augustine.

FullSizeRenderMy specific role as the Social Media Coordinator and Content Producer has been to upkeep the Facebook, Instagram, and blog page that is run under the name of Saint Augustine Time Travelers. However, because of the nature of working with only a few other people, I have worn many hats in the first month of my internship. Getting to build and act as a docent for an exhibit has been an incredible hands-on experience and something significant to add to my professional resume. As part of our initiative to create a bridge between the Government House and the public, I have been given the creative liberty to produce short videos that highlight some of the documents in our archives. It has been wonderful to use my specific skill-set to translate historical information into something accessible for the public. In creating these videos, I have gotten the opportunity to go out into the public and talk to individuals who are interested in being part of the historical community, but do not know how to access information. It has been wonderful to get to act as a liaison for these people so that they can become more involved in both the shaping and remembering of the history of Saint Augustine.


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