Keeping Track of Maps

by Amber Atteberry
This semester I’ve been working with Matt Armstrong at the Government House in the archives room. I’ve been carefully examining the contents of map cases and keeping track of the documents they contain, as well as keeping information such as dates, type of document, what the document features, any notable damage to the document, and other relevant identification information that may be useful to future researchers. Each map case is assigned an identifier to easily find the document need. I record this information in an Excel spreadsheet, to later use to help create finding aids.

Documents I have found included blueprints of the Government House during its construction, archeological surveys of various historic sites, survey maps of the town and waterways, historical property surveys, copies of historical maps, and an occasional aerial photograph of the town. Organizational skills are vital to keeping track of the hundreds of documents the Snapchat-1769308087map cases house.

In addition to map case recording, I have also been doing research on Juan Joseph Elixio de la Puente and Mariano de la Rocque, the authors of two map sets vital to the understanding of St. Augustine’s history. My research is to be used in a blog post for the Government House website. 

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