Guarding history

by Marissa Powell

powellmarissa_2356_90380_St. Johns County Home Guards St.Augustine FLFor the spring semester I have the pleasure of working at the National Guard Barracks in
St.Augustine. During the short time that I have worked here, I have seen and worked with many different and exciting things. My first project that I worked on during my internship was spent sorting Florida National Guard photos that spanned from the 1930s until today. I was in charge of filing photos by decade and by event. While doing this I also pulled pictures for individual personal files and pictures for the mess hall which wished to display certain pictures through the Guard’s history. While sorting through the images I was in awe of the history that I was able to find.
Pictures and negatives depicting U.S troops in Japan during WW2 and a visit in the 1980s by Reagan. However, my favorite part was finding the weird and funny pictures that were captured at just the right time which had been forgotten in the midst of the other many pictures. Finishing this project, I moved on to my search on information of county guards in Florida during WW1. With my fellow intern Mackenzie we are hoping to create a WW1 exhibit with Alison our advisor for the upcoming centennial anniversary of WW1. In my ongoing research for county guards during this time I have found over 30 county guards in Florida. But research on what they were tasked to do and who were in these guards is a slow process. So far I have found draft cards for some of the leaders of these guards and have found a few group pictures of these guards from various counties. I hope to at the end of my internship have more information on these county guards and have either written or photographic evidence or reference to their service during this time.

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