Preserving Our Own History at Proctor Library

By Amber Atteberry

atteberryamberdv_late_346_23549_20161003_114751This semester I have been working in the Flagler College Archives. I have been researching photos; editing and entering metadata to describe the photos; and uploading the photos to Content DM, a digital archive content manager, which will allow us to permit public access. I started with sports photographs dating from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, including men’s and women’s tennis, soccer, track, cross country, and baseball. I carefully observed each photograph, identifying the action in each photograph, on occasion identifying people in the photos, as well as time frame and location. I entered this information in the metadata fields along with other information about the photograph including the description, date, subject, name, format, size, place, file location, and rights. I also edited previously entered metadata, to be sure that all data is consistent. All of this information is stored in an Excel file, keeping all the data in one easy to manage program. After making sure the metadata was correct, photos were uploaded to Content DM. All of the metadata was entered in the relevant fields, copied and pasted from the Excel document. This gave me a chance to review the metadata a second time, and correct any changes that needed to be made. Photos are then uploaded for approval by the administrator.atteberryamberdv_late_346_23548_20161003_104345

After sports, I moved on to various photos of other time periods at Flagler College history, including Henry Flagler family photos, the opening of the Key West Extension, and student life from the 1970s and 1980s. The goal is to fill in the gaps of photos that are uploaded to the digital archives and those that have not been yet. This involves going through each photograph’s data in Excel and determining if the photograph has been uploaded, or if the photograph is a duplicate. This is to ensure that there are no duplicates uploaded to Content DM.


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