Listening to the Past

by Peyton Short

header-image-proctor-libraryIn selecting my second internship of the year, I decided that it would be good to get some hands-on experience in transcribing historical documents in a museum-style setting. While the Proctor Library is not exactly a museum, it provided me with the opportunity to learn and do something useful at the same time.

I work in the library three days a week with most of my time spent in the back rooms transcribing oral interviews of significant historical events and historical figures. Depending on the day, I am given an MP3 file with either an interview from the civil rights movement that took place here, housed in the Civil Rights Library of St. Augustine digital archive, or an interview with some of the people who assisted in the management of Flagler College in its early days, from the Flagler College Archives. My third day is spent at the reference desk answering questions of those who require my help.main_900

The recordings really fascinate me, not only do they contain enormous amounts of history, but they also hold exact recollections of the people who witnessed these events. For example, some of the civil rights recordings contained speeches from notable people like Martin Luther King, Andrew Young, and Jackie Robinson. The only things I knew about King during the civil rights campaign here came from books and lectures in class. I never thought that I would get to hear him speak about the marches in which he participated. As for the recordings on Flagler College history, listening to stories from William Procter has been a real treat.


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