Uncovering Bob Hope’s Legacy

by Jessica Black


The World Golf Hall of Fame has 150 members included in the museum. Bob Hope, the comedian most notable for his work with the USO, is one of many. However, unlike the other members, Hope has his own off-site facility to house his artifacts. In fact, the facility is very similar to the warehouse in the final scene of Indiana Jones: Raider’s of the Lost Ark—long rows of shelves stacked full of boxes.bobhope4

Hope lived to be 100 years old and his successful career produced the thousands of artifacts that comprise the Bob Hope Legacy Collection. The collection was recently gifted to the World Golf Hall of Fame and was shipped across the country from California.  Most of my time interning at the Hall of Fame has consisted of unpacking boxes. Each box contains a surprise, from Hope’s many awards and trophies, to Foot Joy golf shoes made in Brockton,Massachusetts (my own grandmother’s hometown!), and the keys to the city of Jacksonville, Florida.

bobhope2While Hope was an avid golfer, the Bob Hope Legacy Collection consists of so much more than the types of objects that can be displayed in the World Golf Hall of Fame. Over 90 percent of the artifacts may never be displayed in the Hall of Fame, but that does not mean they will never be used. Many of the artifacts are loaned to other museums, only after being located within their shipping boxes. For now, we are attempting to unpack all the boxes, record artifacts, and create permanent shelf locations for the artifacts (something that will take months to complete). In the near future, I will be assisting with a new Twitter account dedicated to the Bob Hope Legacy Collection in an effort to raise awareness about the World Golf Hall of Fame’s new addition. Once all the artifacts are unpacked and recorded, they will be updated in an online catalog.



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