Feeling Art and History

by Peyton Short

photoEver wonder what Braille feels like? Ever considered learning more about it? Then come on down and visit me at one of the public statues around St. Augustine where I will demonstrate the Braille markers and give you a brochure that will explain exactly what is going on at the St. Augustine Art Association. The Art Association has a group of statues that are all designed to make art and history more accessable to the visually impaired.

The project, called the TOUCH (Tactile Orientation to Understanding Creative History) St. Augustine Braille Trail, is open to the public and allows everyone to learn about Braille, art, and history in the same place. As I am the community docent, I will be able to explain everything. Just look for the red vest and you will find me. I am out there four days a week through the end of November, so there is plenty of time for visitors.


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