Creating Connections at the Castillo

by Caroline Parson

Observing a ranger talk.

Observing a ranger talk.

My internship at the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument this fall has opened my eyes to a variety of resources, interpretive methods, and opportunities to help visitors bond the past to the present. This semester my focus has been on interpretation and helping park visitors make a connection to the park’s history. Interpretation is a skill that is learned over time and through practice and, because of this, I began my internship observing rangers giving different talks with the intent of studying how every ranger has their own unique interpretation style.

Giving my own program!

Giving my own program!

Working at the fort through this internship has been a great experience and has given me many skills that I can utilize for future pursuits. Using the interpretive skills and methods I learned over the first few weeks, I have recently reached the point in the internship where I give my own ranger programs. This is where I have put into play the skills that I have learned about interpretation and am able to help park visitors connect with the resources and history of the Castillo. The ultimate goal of my internship this semester is to show an enthusiasm and love for history. I hope that it helps inspire park visitors to connect with and understand the importance of history, in order for them to share their experiences with others.


One response to “Creating Connections at the Castillo

  1. We had a delightful time this Veterans’ Day, seeing you at the Castillo for the first ranger talk (for us!). You make your daddy so proud he’s about to bust, and I think you look smashing in your khakis and Park Service hat and shirt. Excellent presentation!

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