Bringing the Castillo into the 21st Century

by Chloe Medina


During my time at the Castillo de San Marcos, I have had the ability to explore many aspects of the history field and beyond. As I learn about the forts antiquity, I am simultaneously helping create, reconstruct, and preserve it through media outlets. The purpose of keeping the fort active on social media is to help reach media users from all walks of life to come create memories at the Castillo as well as to provide users with accurate history and facts for awareness. I am currently assigned as a contributor to the Facebook page as well currently working on future posts. The process to create a post for any piece of history has to be done cautiously and with complete consideration of what story you are looking to tell.

The Castillo de San Marcos is a national monument and a part of the National Park Service so guidelines for how and what things are posted and shown via the internet come with great responsibility. A majority of my job is to not only learn as much as I can about the fort through shadowing rangers and volunteers but also gaining my own knowledge through research. It has been a rewarding experience because of the fact that I get to explore and take stunning pictures as well of the fort. My day at the fort starts at 7:00am, so I get aDSCN1373-edited different perspective of the fort that others may not see as visitors. Though I am half way through the internship I feel I have gained so much already from a historical and media aspect, and I am excited to finish with an extensive perspective than I did coming in as an apprentice.


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