Scanning the Segui-Kirby Smith House

by Danielle Dunham

seguismithhouse1-600x433During my internship at the Saint Augustine Historical Society, I have been primarily scanning documents concerning the Segui-Kirby Smith House. I organized these documents chronologically, including illustrations from before the 1920s and photographs from the 1960s, 1980s, and 1990s. Over 300 photos were scanned for the Kirby-Smith House collection. These images documented and highlighted the various renovations and architectural changes of the building. During the initial sorting process it was hard to tell what era the building was from in undated photos. Many shots were taken from similar angles, but details within the photo, such as the appearance of the fountain or bench in the garden identified the year.

As I scan each photo I am also putting important information about the documents in the metadata. This information includes the size of the photo, the date it was taken, and a description of what is shown within the photo. After I finish scanning the photos, illustrations, and slides, I begin to enter these documents into Past Perfect. I fill in the information I entered during the scanning process into the specified fields within the program. I am also making media links to the full file on the computer, and listing where the physical image exists in the library. While I have only just begun this process, I look forward to continuing work on the database.


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