Crafting Interpretation at the Castillo

by Miranda Orlando

first program at CastilloDoing my internship at the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument has taught me many things in just a short amount of time. Interpretation in the National Park Service is very much an art and it takes time and practice to steadily improve your programs and ability to give them to visitors. I very recently gave my first program, which is a talk or presentation that gives an overview of the Castillo’s history. There are more than 342 years of history associated with just this one site, so each program differs, focusing on varied aspects of its past.

In learning how to do interpretation, I sat in on other park rangers’ programs, noting their style and process. One of the most interesting facts about interpretation that I have learned so far is that each program is an outline of information that you as an interpreter can take and make your own. Working at the Castillo de San Marcos has been an amazing opportunity to learn a variety of skills I can use in other occupations. castillo aerial view


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