Inside Proctor Library

by Jessica Black

Working the information desk.

Working the information desk.

I am currently a junior at Flagler College majoring in Liberal Arts. After completing my undergrad studies, I intend to pursue my master’s degree in Library Science. This semester I am interning at the Proctor Library here on campus. I have previously interned at a public library and now intern within an academic setting. My experiences will prepare me for grad school and will hopefully give me an idea of what kind of librarianship I would ultimately like to pursue.

At Proctor, I’ve been working on a variety of things. I frequently sit at the circulation and reference desks with staff members, and I’ve been learning how to help students find the resources they need. I have also worked with LibGuides, the library’s online collection of reference guides. I update lists by adding new products or changing the call numbers to match the catalog. At the moment, I am in the process of publishing my own guide on how to evaluate websites for credibility as a source. The majority of my time has been spent working with the library’s website and online resources. I find that the computer work can be tedious and prefer to interact with patrons. However, I realize online resources are an important part of librarianship in this day and age since information sciences has shifted to technology. Students are able to access the library from a distance through the internet guides we offer. If the system is unorganized or not up to date or, it cannot profit the library’s patrons. Proctor strives to keep its website as up to date as possible.


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